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Why FinOps is critical to proving – and improving – ROI of cloud investments

  • Article
  • 4 Min Read
Better governance and basic economic principles can help CIOs get their arms around cloud cost-management challenges.

Cloud and legacy modernization services

  • Whitepaper
  • 7 Min Read
Evolving customer and employee expectations require flexible technologies.

Balancing security and agility in the cloud

  • Article
  • 5 Min Read
Organizations need to adapt traditional security approaches to reduce risk without restricting the business mandate to move faster.

Making the best of your multi-cloud environment

  • Article
  • 6 Min Read
A clear strategy to reduce complexity, optimize workloads, and manage costs is critical to success.

Cloud or thunderstorm: Showing ROI from your cloud strategy

  • Article
  • 4 Min Read
As cloud migrations increase, CIOs need to guard against governance gaps that can lead to unexpected costs.